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UV vs LED Nail Lamps: Which lamp should you use?

Which nail lamp is the best one? Why are nail lamps so expensive? Can't you just use any lamp to cure your gels? Watch as I sit down with Jim McConnell from @lightelegancehq to discuss some very important info about UV nail lamps.

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The Ultraviolet Energy Gun!  An Arc Mercury Luminescent Quartz Germicidal Lamp!

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Testing UV-C Lights

How to test UV-C lights to see if they're real or fake. Be careful, there are a lot of fakes out there!


One of the ways to disinfect surfaces, is to shine a UV-C light on them. At WeBeFit we started using them a while ago as an added layer of cleaning overnight.

Then the pandemic hit. When we went to order additional lamps, we discovered dozens of models from companies we had never heard of. Many were a newer design using LED technology.

So we ordered a couple.

The problem started, when we tested how effective the new lamps were.

We use a device called a Luminometer to test how clean or dirty surfaces are. Swabs of surfaces before and after using the new disinfecting lights, were virtually identical. Some of our new lights weren't killing anything.

After some searching, we found a company called American Ultraviolet. They make these single-use cards called dosimeter cards. When they're exposed to UV-C light, they change color, indicating how much of a dose they've received.

So we tested our older lamps and filmed them using a time-lapse video. After 30 minutes, you can see how the center of the card changed from the unexposed yellow, to pink. The cards clearly show they've been exposed to UV-C light.

Then we exposed dosimeter cards to these newer LED lamps. After 30 minutes, there was absolutely no change in the yellow center. There was NO UV-C light coming out of these lamps. These are FAKE UV-C lamps. They're good for making things glow, but worthless for sanitizing.

The quickest option for testing lamps are these QuantaDose™ UV/UVC INTENSITY CARDs. You simply move the card where the light is shining and you'll see a bright UVC appear. Look closely at the fake UVC lamp, nothing. Now back at the real one and the UVC is clearly visible.

If you plan on using UV-C lamps for disinfecting, you need to verify they're real. We've posted information on three ways you can validate them. Just visit WeBeFit.com and click on the link that says Cleaner Spaces now. That's where we share all our cleaning tips and testing procedures for free.


We do not get commission or take any payments for products we recommend. These are the three options we mention in this video and where you can get them. There may be other products available, but we can only speak for the ones we actually have used and verified ourselves.

The QuantaDose™ UVC Intensity Test Card
(This card gives you instant feedback if the light emits UV-C or not.)

UVC Dosimeters
(These cards help you determine if different locations around a room are getting enough dose over time.)

Sper Scientific 850010 UV Light Meter UVC
(This device tells you the wavelengths and intensities of lights you're testing.)



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