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Using PCAD - Schematic

Hey guys, as per request, I've put together a video that covers the majority of using Schematic from beginning to end.

I've covered majority of the video with music, but I stop every so often to explain or point out some things.

I give a lot of my personal tips, pointers and advice, use it, don't use it.

This is purely a tutorial video to guide fellow students. I don't own any of the copyrights to the music used in this video.

Guided Campus Tour – Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

Take a virtual tour through PCA\u0026D's campus to explore your future in Animation \u0026 Game Art, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, or Photography \u0026 Video. Contact admissions@pcad.edu or visit www.pcad.edu for more information.

0:27 – Atrium, Library, Gallery
1:07 – Photography \u0026 Video, Core Gallery
1:55 – Fine Art, Animation \u0026 Game Art, Staff Offices
2:34 – Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography \u0026 Video, Senior Studios
3:32 – Fine Art, Foundation \u0026 Liberal Arts, Senior Studios

Be Yourself at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

At PCAD you learn to learn from your mistakes, gaining the personal determination needed to succeed. You’re fueled by the energy that radiates when art and artists are all around you. And unlike those who attend a larger college, you aren’t another face in the crowd. Watch our video and learn more about us.

Offering, four year, bachelor of fine arts degrees in fine art, graphic design, illustration, digital media, and photography. http://pcad.edu



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