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King George II (1683-1760)

Clip from the History File series, which discusses the life and reign of King George II of Great Britain.
Yusuf Fulat : Man the German accents lmao
Huganis : The Danes have never had god save the king as a anthem, Norway has thou.
michael88h : The English seemed to welcome a German king very well. But like he said he no power at all.
Latticewood Spobiance : Bonnie Prince Charlie had an Italian Grandmother and a Polish Mother.
Marius Matei : Those maps are Not From/Of The Mid-18th Century, But More From/Of The The Turn Of The 1800s!!!

King George III and the American Revolution

King George III was shrewder, more complex, and more intriguing than we often acknowledge. He was king for sixty years, from 1760 to 1820. He was frugal in an age of excess, pious at a time of impiety. He despised disorder and loathed disobedience.

Rick Atkinson, best-selling author and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, explores the Revolutionary War in a new trilogy. Learn more:
Peter43John : George's grandfather: the first could only speak German!
jasminne mcdonald : Lets face it. He's crazy.
Shakespeara Amina : Thank you! For this informative video
Arshad Arshad : Mynamaeiskyawhla
CM 17 : You forget sometimes they was both called George ! You know what's it like sometimes the guy with the same name at a new workplace you just don't get on with

Who was George III and was he a bad king?

In this video, made with the support of the Royal Collection Trust, we explore the reign of George III. Was he the aspiring tyrant that comes down to us from the American Declaration of Independence or has his reign been misunderstood? Find out with Royal Holloway student Sam Angell.



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