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Viscosity Measurement using Ostwald's Viscometer - Amrita University

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Ostwald's viscometer is a traditional viscometer to measure the viscosity of a liquid. It is a U-shaped glass tube. In one arm, the bulb A is connected with a fine capillary. The lower end of capillary is connected with a U-tube provided with a bulb B in the second arm. The bulb is necessary to maintain the hydrostatic pressure during flow of liquid. Through the capillary tube, the liquid flows with measurable speed. There are two marks C and D above and below the bulb A. The liquid flows under its own weight.
Aymen Ibrahim : nice vedeo
junaid mohammed : very helpful for my exam
singaravel s : very useful video

Anuj Chhetri : Upload more experiments.
Debaprasad Dev : Thanks to Amrita Lab for providing  audio visual demo  for  HOW TO MEASURE VISCOSITY using U-Type Ostwald Viscometer . The English voice was very clear and easily understandable. It is simple but very useful tool  with very nominal cost and effort.  I must appreciate for the kind effort of Amrita Lab. Millions of students and researchers will be benefited from  this .

Viscosity determination with animation.

Viscosity determination by using Viscometer with animation .
Sk Sk : Thank u sir for this explains, I haven't doubts.
Ganpat Bhusare : Nice video
Manoj Bhusare : Nice
yagami018 : Thanks
crystal field : Water is not moving from the second limb

Ubbelohde Glass Capillary Kinematic Viscometer Demonstration

Fluids Laboratory experiment for the University of Michigan - Dearborn as part of the ME379 course. Dexcool automotive coolant was the test fluid for demonstration purposes only. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 2 in 1080P HD at 30FPS. Edited using Sony Vegas HD software.
David Finch : No reference to the effect temperature has on the our come of the test ?
robertbarrett44 : is that a PSL-Rheotek viscometer and holder?

Miriam Ibrahim : very helpful thank you !!
Sid : Won't there be a capillary effect?
ramapuram hanumantha reddy : no



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