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DesignJet 1050 & DesignJet 1055 load media roll - HP Plotter | 01256 783390

How to load a media roll on a DesignJet 1050 \u0026 DesignJet 1055 series plotter.

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This video shows how to load a paper roll on the Designjet 1050c Series (including 1050c plus/1055cm/1055cm plus). On the video you are shown a schematic normally stuck onto the machine front telling you the correct way round to load the roll on the spindle into the machine. The operator demonstrates how to first put the paper roll onto the spindle without allowing it to drop onto the cap end and damage it. The easy way to initialise the panel is to lift the pinch lever and the panel will then instruct the operator to align the paper and feed it into the machine on the receiving roller until the sensor beeps, then close the pinch lever. The Designjet will drag the roll in, make sure it is square, if not it will roll it out and start again, and when it is fully aligned it will trim the edge and the roll will have been successfully loaded ready to print.
Publicidad Profesional : this machine print banners
Have Fun : Hi this printer can use sublimation ink?
Manuel Quevedo : Best investment for a growing contracting business.•ᴥ•>share4.photo/Designjet?о    Uses ink quickly, but does great prints, no more running to the print shop, waiting and paying 10 x. It did a great job of a banner with our logo, now I'm going to try other media
mega adver : Hi, this printer can use sublimation ink?
Have Fun :  @Shikeemah Campbell  no dear, we sell the printer in low price

HP Designjet 1050C Belt Replacement & Calibration Instruction/Tutorial

As always, BEWARE OF CHEAP BELTS. They do not use anti-oxidizing chemicals or high-density polyurethane/DuPont Kevlar core like ours do. Cheap belts *will* deteriorate just like the original HP belts.

Buy the belt kit here: https://www.lpscomputer.com/collections/designjet-1050c-1055cm-parts/products/hp-designjet-1050c-1055cm-carriage-belt-kit

How to replace your carriage belt on the HP Designjet 1050C series plotters and make the Paper Advance Calibration.

LPS belts are made from the best quality High Density Polyurethane and genuine DuPont Kevlar and have an unconditional 1 year guarantee.
Archrick heloo : wonderful video, Bob do you sell the 42" belt for a designjet 800ps and will your package include a step by step instructional book to install the belt?

Alex Johnston : Great Video Bob! I ordered the kit today. Thanks to your excellent instructions, I look forward to diving in, and performing a successful repair.
Miguel Rionda : Bob, thanks again for posting this video. I changed the belt on my 1050C. The plotter did not work at all until I replaced the belt which I also bought from you. Now I just need to get the printheads to work and I'll be good to go. Do you have any recommendations on how to clean these?
Eleni Yfanti : great tutorial . thank you
Tim Kelly : I need a list of tools, bits & sockets needed for the repair/replacement.

HP Deskjet 1050A - How to change the cartridges

A short video to show how to change the 301 cartridges on the Deskjet 1050A
서지우 : thank you very much !
MINJOY KIM : what do i do the cartridges stay on the right side and it doesn’t stop at the center
Big Daddy : Thank you!
Al Cordova : Good video but doing it left handed when you aren't left handed proves somewhat difficult.
Üzümlü Kek : Thank you



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