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Sony NEX-3N review | Engadget

Last year, Sony's peculiar move to beef up its entry-level NEX left us puzzled, and generally unimpressed. The NEX-F3 was a fine mirrorless camera by most accounts, but its larger footprint left us hoping for a next-gen offering more in line with its predecessor, the NEX-C3 -- a tried-and-true shooter that many Engadget staffers still turn to for review photos and trade shows, thanks to its consistent performance and light weight. We were quite relieved, then, to see that this year's device represented a return to the 2011 design, with a few very compelling additions, to boot.

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Zimpaz : Is there a camera similar to this but with a mount for a microphone? Looking to upgrade the camera i use for youtube
JakenBacon : Hey guys do you think this is legit I just payed $200 for this with a 18-55 lens anyone think this is a good deal
G-proxy : This camera is unreal !!
pluviophileATIN : Man...i was so set on buy RX-100...then this comes up...ugh...
Dyah Ayu Permata Sari : is it sony Nex3A have a wifi?

SONY NEX-3N 1 조작인터페이스

꼴깍몬 : 동영상 찍기도 가능한가여?
치까 : 당연야저

Sony NEX-3N Digitally Digested Review

Get your NEX-3N today from Amazon through the link below:\u0026camp=1789\u0026creative=390957\u0026creativeASIN=B00BF9MUBM\u0026linkCode=as2\u0026tag=thedigdig-20
Here is the Sony NEX-3N Digitally Digested Review. Enjoy!
techmadesimplified : The sony nex 3n is now on sale at amazon for $289.99. I also saw the same price at B&h PHOTO VIDEO. I just purchased the sony nex 3n earlier today. I dont know how long this sale will last so grab one if you can. Unfortunately its only for the black model not the white. If you want the white model its $498 on amazon and $440 at B&H. I've been researching for a week and was debating on the panasonic lx7 or sony nex 3n, but when the price dropped to the same price as the lx7, I just jumped on the sony nex 3n.
bill : Great review.  How good is the image stabilization.  I understand it's in the lens and not the body.  Also can you use filters on the lens.
Sebastián Garín Ortiz : i wanna buy this camera, how good is the macro mode?
Mark Davis : picked up the 3n at Best Buy for 150.000 including the power zoom lens!!   it was an open box missing battery  but 150 was a steal!!!
Lancealot : Thank you for the video! Just getting starting in photography and am really happy with my purchase.



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