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HALLO, PIKACHU! | Folge 1 von Pokémon Reisen: Die Serie

⚡ An alle deutschen Trainer: Ihr könnt jeden Sonntag neue Folgen auf SuperRTL anschauen!

Seht euch die erste Folge von Pokémon Reisen: Die Serie an, die mit Ash und Pikachu beginnt – bevor sie Partner wurden.

Schaut zu, wie Pichu (das sich letztendlich zu einem bekannten Pikachu entwickelt ) auf eine Gruppe von Kangama und auf das Mysteriöse Pokémon Mew trifft und viele weitere Abenteuer erlebt!

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About the Pokemon Blue Sky Stream set:
Evolving Skies is the seventh main Sword \u0026 Shield Series expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and is set to be released on August 27, 2021. In Japan, it is set to be released as the dual Skyscraping Perfection and Blue Sky Stream on July 9, 2021, which together form the seventh expansion of the Pokémon Card Game Sword \u0026 Shield Era. Evolving Skies is expected to consist of cards sourced from the Japanese Skyscraping Perfection and Blue Sky Stream expansions, as well as the Eevee Heroes subset.

Skyscraping Perfection and Blue Sky Stream respectively focus on Duraludon and Rayquaza, both of which are included as Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX, the former featuring its Gigantamax form. The two are among numerous Pokemon represented by the Dragon type, which had not been featured in the TCG since the Cosmic Eclipse expansion of the Sun \u0026 Moon Series. Dragon-type Pokémon continue to feature attacks that can require two different types of Energy, although with the removal of the Fairy type, now have no Weakness. Dragon-type Pokémon also have additional aesthetics on cards, including claw marks in the top right corner, a gold-tinged graphic to the left of the Weakness box, and the Dragon-type symbol behind body text on non-variant cards.


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Pokemon moves, literally. The full compiled series (Remastered)

well, might as well compiled this series into one full episode, added backgrounds,fixed some animation errors, looks better now in the end!
0:00 introduction
0:06 Ice Beam
0:28 Ice Ball
0:50 Bulletseed
1:09 Steel Beam
1:38 Bubble Beam
1:52 Rock Throw
2:08 Milk Drink
2:35 Leaf Blade
3:00 Water Gun
3:40 Surf
4:05 RockSlide
4:21 FlameThrower
5:00 RockSlide part2
5:32 Teleport
7:30 HyperBeam charge
8:17 RockSlide part3
8:40 Poltergeist
10:21 Final Act, Meteor Beam setup
13:40 Signal Beam
14:33 U turn
15:17 Heart Swap
16:26 All the Punch
16:50 Making Bullet Punch
17:37 Self Destruct
18:07 Explosion

Directed by NCH

Animated By @Nyangtofu

Episode1 music:
Kevin mcleod - Care free

Episode2 music used:
Kevin mcleod - Care free
timesplitters music - bank

Episode 3 music used:
Music used
Kevin Macleod - Sneaky Snitch
Trainer Battle [Pokemon RedBlueYellow OST]
Castlevania Tower of Science
Kevin MacLeod ~ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
LISA the painful music - Ode to the Oblivious
Ken Ashcorp - Absolute Territory

Episode 4 Music used:
army men rts music - theme 3
army men rts music - theme 1
kevin mcleod - who wants to party
bioshock music - dr steinman
lisa the painful music - summer love
lisa the painful music - war season
kirby music
panty n stocking music
timesplitters future perfect music - bad guys
fortnite music - default dance
kevin macleod - monkeys spinning monkeys
underhell music - what the
SRW D OST- The Wings of a Boy that Killed Adolescence- Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

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https://www.patreon.com/NCHproductions https://www.facebook.com/NCHproductions/




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