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Ascend FS10 Kayak REVIEW!

I review the Ascend FS10 sit in kayak. It's a great boat for a great price!


Camera Gear:

Camera- https://goo.gl/ZQqiP6
GoPro Housing- https://goo.gl/3pvVTe
GoPro Mic- https://goo.gl/r2GcZq
GoPro SD card- https://goo.gl/avw9ii
Camera Case- https://goo.gl/bnnFSK
Chesty- https://goo.gl/H0mFvx
Computer- https://goo.gl/WQyrvB

Fishing Gear:

Rods- https://goo.gl/tH2oGA https://goo.gl/MSIAhi https://goo.gl/u2SMhL
Reels- https://goo.gl/AZqEE4 https://goo.gl/59WSx 3https://goo.gl/jM2oAA

Zman Ned Rig- https://goo.gl/tPN78R https://goo.gl/RHGEaP
Roostersnake : I need a cheap small yak for small water duck hunting. Do you think a guy could get in and out easy enough with waders and coat on?
DAVID GUTZ : Bro what size lid is that for dry storage? I lost mine.
Tony Miner : I just started Kayaking about a year ago and I have one. I am a big guy. 6"3 250 pounds. It has been great.
jacob gardner : hey, your at my local lake.
Yeung Melvin : Great review man! I have one too, now abt 2 yrs. I live in South amerika and I fish this boat a lot in small creeks and ponds. I just sneaking the fishes with it. Im a minimalist. I dont like heavy kayak. I have a canoa too but to bad for me cs its very heavy. I go often solo fishing for 3 hours a day for snake head and wolffish look a like fish. And tried tarpon fishing on it too. Very nice boat.Fr the price. Only bad on it is u cant really stand on it for fishing. But i dont need standup fishing for my style of fishong here. I keep it low profile cs u can spook th fish. Keep up th good work.

Pociąg vs 10 traktorów FS 18

Don Omar ft Lucenzo- Danza Kuduro

Zasubskrybuj kanał Piotrekxm
kacper Kopacz : Xd
Riaz Jamali : 26
moj stary : all we Had to do was follow the damn train cj
Dominik adxd : Jam ją polecam bomba!!!!!
Bangla Ajaira : Nice song

Why You Should Get A Kayak | Ascend FS10 Review

I have had they ascend FS10 for a while now and i love it, and this is why you should get a kayak for fishing, it allows you to get to spots that are normally unreachable by boats. also the Ascend seat is a game changer, lifting you above the deck keeping any water that comes in off your butt allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time being sad. i love this Kayak and i have caught some HUGE fish out of it and never once worried about tipping over, i would recommend this to anyone thinking about getting a fishing Kayak.
Major Hardware : THANK YOU for watching, make sure to like the video if you enjoyed it and go ahead an subscribe and ill keep the content coming.
DAVID GUTZ : Just bought it 3 hours ago.
Rick Jones : good review, my daughter decided to buy one for me and have not received it yet, been kayaking for about 23 years have an old one and finally developed enough holes that patching no longer worked. If you could comment on suggestions for buying add on and which add ons you would suggest and also comment on the convenience of adding to the kayak
Chad Copelin : You must have a jeep cherokee sport the 14 year models dont have roof rails. Etrailer.com has cross rails that use your door frame for support
None of Your business : Thanks for sharing this video.. I wanted one of these but at 12:06 that right there convinced me to not get this one model.. You cant read those types of things on the website you want to purchase the kayak at. That would drive me crazy. I am only about 127 in weight and about 5'6. Not sure if that would make any difference with weight and what i carry on the kayak.


The ASCEND FS10 fishing kayak is with/out a doubt a real game changer when it comes to river fishing.Join me and let's check this kayak out!
Ocho Senko : I know a guy selling one for 385 should I get it ?
pat anderson : Do you have issues getting in and out of the kayak being a sit in kayak ?
Skeletor_Outdoors : Who was the hot chick in the back with the dog ?
Jonathan Smith : Still happy with the fs10? Pros or cons? Looking at a few myself and the fs10 seems the best multi purpose yak for the money.
badboyadventures : I just bought this same kayak at cabelas because of this video. Going to take it out in the next few days after I put on some fishing mods. Great video.



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