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[#유퀴즈온더블럭] 179cm에 45kg 극심한 다이어트를 할 수 밖에 없었던 이유는? 유재석도 감당불가 모델 최소라의 하이텐션ㅋㅋ | #갓구운클립 #Diggle

#유퀴즈온더블럭 #Diggle #디글

Let's giggle, :Diggle!
방송국놈들이 덕질하는 채널 디글 구독하기! ;Diggle ☞ http://bit.ly/2Urls34

Is 179cm too tall in Japan? What height is the ideal man's height for Japanese women?

Hi my name is Santi and I start a radio vlog on my channel. Hope you enjoy.

If you have any question about Japan, Japanese culture, or anything else, please leave comments :)



-Sant's career
-MBA from Trinity College Dublin
-Bachelor’s degree from State University of New York at Buffalo
-Tried start up twice in NY and Dublin
-Former Emirates airline crew
-Had a class at Chukyo University as lecturer for two years
-Doing consulting for product development and being lecturer at major corporations teaching cross cultural communication, critical thinking, presentation skill etc besides YouTube activity

If you have any topic you want me to cover, please leave a comment! I might pick and make a video for you! OR, if you need talk to me ASAP to have my answer, here is the option ↓
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#Japaneseguys #Japaneseboyfriend #Japaneseboys

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모델 뺨치는 키 179cm 헬린이 여대생의 하루 I 오늘만큼은 찐모델

#일인용 #게스트 #장신수현

일인용 게스트 첫 영상!
키 179cm의 모델 뺨치는 그녀의 주말은 어떨까?
혼자서도 행복하다고는 하는데 음...

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