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I'M BACK! | 2018 Update and Prism Deck/Prism Plus

Today, for the first video of 2018, I am in a new studio space! We talk about what's to come in 2018, one of my favorite card routines of all time, and a new gimmick (coming soon) to go with and improve that routine!


Prism Deck:
Phantom Deck:

Music: Epidemic Sound
Main camera: Canon EOS Rebel t7i
Camera angle 2: Sony RX100
Camera angle 3: Olympus EM1
Boom mic: Rode NTG4+
Audio recorder: Zoom H4N Pro
Editing software: FCPX

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Why would you want a Cassette Deck for your PC? | Tech Nibble

You can get your $5 welcome bonus at - sign up now and get 10 PCB's for just $5. Go and make all of the things!

The upgrade the world has been waiting for, a 5.25" tape deck! Can this cheap novelty item offer us anything more than a reminder as to why we moved on from cassette tapes? Let's find out!
▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 PCBWay!
1:00 Intro
2:45 Unboxing
5:45 Installation
8:30 Testing it out
11:21 Capturing a game
13:35 Conclusion

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KOMA & LUKKA PLUS BROKEN AF ADVENTURES | NEW Temur Adventures | Standard MTG Arena Ranked Gameplay

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